WATCH: Mick Jagger Plays a Shady Art Dealer in New Movie "The Burnt Orange Heresy"

Mick Jagger attends "The Burnt Orange Heresy" photocall during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 07, 2019 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Matteo Chinellato/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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(Matteo Chinellato/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Mick Jagger is headed back to the big screen. The Rolling Stones legend portrays a very shady art dealer who befriends a young critic and his mysterious girlfriend. Eventually, Jagger's character brings the couple into his world of wealth and opulence, and connect him with a reclusive painter, played by a wild-eyed Donald Sutherland.

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When the critic and his friend befriend the artist, Jagger's character concocts a plan to steal a painting from him, who hasn't shown new work in years. As expected, things get dark and dangerous, and from the looks of the trailer, plot twists surely abound. The Burnt Orange Heresy opens in NY/LA March 6, and will go wide shortly thereafter. Watch the trailer below.

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