WATCH: Drummer Joey Kramer Reunites with Aerosmith

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The nail-biting classic rock drama between Aerosmith and drummer Joey Kramer has appeared to come to a close. Kramer made an appearance rejoined with the band during their show at MGM Park Theater last night during their Las Vegas residency as vocalist Steven Tyler announced, "On the drums, Mr. Joey Kramer!"

It seems as though Kramer has returned to his rightful place in the band after the tension-filled weeks following Kramer's disability leave, a forced audition to rejoin the band onstage, and a judge's ruling brutally denying Kramer the right to perform with the band during the Grammys. 

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TMZ sources report the band didn't make him audition this time as an act of "good faith" in their longtime friendship. 

The show kicked off as usual with a short film that recaps the band's long career. As the members took their places before the curtain rose, Kramer was the first to take his long-awaited seat, to an eruption of cheers from the crowd. The launched into a fitting rendition of "Let the Music Do the Talking," presumably dissolving the bad blood between the bandmates and restoring the real, beloved version of Aerosmith.  

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