Meet Me in St. Louis: New Grateful Dead Box Collects Seven Shows from the Gateway to the West

'Listen to the River: St. Louis '71 '72 '73'
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Grateful Dead

Fans of the Grateful Dead and St. Louis, Missouri - surely that Venn diagram exists! - will have some exciting listens ahead with the release of a new box set that debuts seven unreleased shows the legendary band played in that town in the early '70s.

Listen to the River: St. Louis '71 '72 '73, available exclusively through the Dead's website and limited to 13,000 numbered copies, will feature seven sets the band played in the Gateway City across 20 CDs. It'll feature five sets at the Fox Theatre - Dec. 9-10, 1971 and Oct. 17-19, 1972 - plus two at the Kiev Auditorium from Oct. 29 and 30, 1973.

One of the sets will be available on its own on the same day. Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO (12/10/71) will get a standalone release on three CDs or five LPs, will also exclusively sell Light Into Ashes: Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO (10/18/72), a 2LP set including a more than hour-long jam from that set.

Listen to the River will feature a slipcase with artwork designed by Liane Plant as well as an 84-page hardbound book featuring liner notes and essays by Sam Cutler, the band’s former tour manager, and Dead scholar Nicholas G. Meriwether.

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