Judge Denies Aerosmith Drummer Joey Kramer Right to Play with Band

Joey Kramer of Aerosmith performs on the Sunset Cliffs Stage during the 2016 KAABOO Del Mar at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on September 17, 2016 in Del Mar, California. (Photo by WireImage for KAABOO Del Mar via imageSPACE)
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More drama out of the Aerosmith camp: after the rock world was shocked by the news that he'd been unceremoniously fired from the band he founded and named, a judge has ruled that Aerosmith can't be forced to let him participate in the major events the group has scheduled this weekend. 

Aerosmith will indeed play on in Los Angeles, with the group in the spotlight as recipients of this year's MusiCares Person of the Year on Jan. 24. That will be followed on Sunday, Jan. 26, when the band will perform at the Grammys. 

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After he was tossed from the group after attempting to return following a foot injury, Kramer filed a lawsuit against his own band. Today in Plymouth Superior Court in Massachusetts, a judge has denied Joey Kramer the right to play with Aerosmith at MusiCares and the Grammys this weekend.

Kramer has issued an official response to the ruling, which finds the drummer taking the high road and thanking fans for their unflagging support. Read his full statement below:

"Although I’m extremely disappointed by the Judge’s ruling today, I respect it. I knew filing a lawsuit was a bit of an uphill battle considering that the corporate documents don’t reference any process for a band member returning from an injury or illness. However, the band waited until January 15th to tell me that they weren’t letting me play at the awards ceremonies this week. I can hold my head high knowing that I did the right thing – to fight for my right to celebrate the band’s success that I have dedicated the better part of my life to helping build.

The truth speaks for itself. Ever since I injured my foot last August and went through many hours of physical therapy to heal, not once did the band in its entirety offer to rehearse with me. That is a fact. I was also sent the full rehearsal schedule on January 18th and flew to LA the next day to rehearse and have many texts and emails stating the band can’t wait for my return. That’s also a fact. When I showed up to rehearse, I was greeted by two security guards who prohibited me from entering as you can see in the video clip

The band’s offer to allow me to participate in this week’s MusiCares and Grammy celebrations for red carpet photo ops only, is appreciated; however, with a fill-in drummer playing on stage at two events honoring our collective musical contributions, it is extremely hurtful to me. I am a professional musician who is eager to return to my rightful place with Aerosmith.

I want to thank my fans for the incredible outpouring of support and for sharing my goal of taking my place on stage as one of the five founding members of Aerosmith and continuing to play the music I love."


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