January 29, 1968: When Jim Morrison Got Busted in Las Vegas

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Shortly after their midnight stroll through Vegas, Jim Morrison and "One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding" author Robert Gover were arrested outside on this day in '68.

Just as the Doors' frontman arrived to the poppin' rock 'n roll scene at Pussy Cat A Go Go with Gover, he flicked "a Pall Mall cigarette butt into some artificial bushes near the club's entrance," recounts Nevada Public Radio, instantly prompting a security guard to scream, "That guy just threw away a roach!" 

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Morrison's hippie looks, combined with his quick lip, quickly warranted security to call the cops, who would rough up the duo and arrest the two for being drunk in public. Within a few hours, both were bailed out of the jailhouse downtown, and with his renewed freedom, Morrison walked out of jail in full stride, arms spread out wide in unmistakeable rock-star fashion. 

Jim Morrison Arrest Report

The arrest report revealed some fascinating details of the legendary bust-up, with the officer describing Morrison's physical stature as being "145 pounds, [having] hazel eyes and bad complexion.” 

The Doors would make their return to Vegas the following year to play a now-legendary Vegas gig at the Ice Palace skating rink in Commercial Center. By that time, the world would witness a heavier, bearded Morrison, a deteriorated shell of the sleek, keen lead man of 1968 that once took to the stage with storm.

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