David Crosby: "I May Never Play Guitar Again"

David Crosby
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David Crosby revealed the devastating news that he has "trigger-finger tendinitis in my hands" and may never be able to play guitar again in a new tell-all interview with Rolling Stone.

The veteran folk-rocker has faced a series of hardships during the coronavirus months, with the failed attempts to treat his finger injury being just one of the problems he faces.

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“I get trigger-finger tendinitis in my hands,” Crosby shared. “I went in to get it fixed, and it didn’t work. Now I’m in a tremendous amount of pain in my right hand. It’s entirely possible that I may never play guitar again.”

In the wake of the recent death of his biological son, the death of George Floyd and financial hardships caused by COVID019, Crosby admitted he has been struggling to stay positive. 

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"I have more on my plate than I can handle, and I have been crying. I'll admit it," confessed the 78-year-old. 

The longtime musician also spoke on the police killing of Floyd as he reflected, "my democracy that I love so much and that I believe in so much and I’ve believed all my life is failing and being abused to death, just being raped, shot and strangled. And then I don’t think we are addressing climate change because these assholes don’t see a profit in it. They have no way to even conceive that it’s real. That’s disturbing me tremendously because I have children and I want them to have a world.”

In spite of such emotional turbulence, Crosby is keeping himself busy by recording a new album, which he thinks will be called Lifting Force or Lift. 

"I think it’s going to be really good," he said."We’ve got three singles. I’ve never had singles before, but I’ve got three of them this time. I got one we wrote with Michael McDonald that’s just killer. That’s “River Rise” and Michael sings harmony with me on it. He and I kill it. When we sing together, it’s scary."


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