WATCH: Alice Cooper Offers Hope with New Music Video "Don't Give Up"

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Alice Cooper is playing his part in encouraging audiences to persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The shock-rock singer released a video for his new single "Don't Give Up," featuring Cooper and his bandmates performing from their homes, alongside snippets of fans holding up signs with the lyrics to the song. 

The video starts with the Rock Hall Inductee's words of hope for his fans who are keeping to their lockdown routines. "Yeah, I know you’re struggling right now," he began. "We all are, in different ways. It’s like a new world that we don’t even know. It’s hard to sleep, even harder to dream. But look, you got 7 billion brothers and sisters all in the same boat, so don’t panic. Life has a way of surviving and going on and on. We’re not fragile, and we sure don’t break easy.”

Produced by Bob Ezrin through "remote technology," the single offers a positive perspective on winning through the coronavirus battle together with its words, "We’re all hanging on by a thread/ We’re all staring at the razor’s edge/ But we’re not going to step off the ledge. No!"

"Don't Give Up" is "a spontaneous reaction to the challenges facing us all right now,” a statement shared. “Alice Cooper felt the need to talk directly to his fans from isolation in his home, where he is working to finish his upcoming album. It's Cooper’s shout-out to keep our heads high, to stay strong and to fight back together.”

“It's a song about what we've all been going through right now and about keeping our heads up and fighting back together," Cooper added.

Last month, the rocker recruited fans to participate in the anthemic music video by asking for photo and video submissions through his social media. Over 20,000 people responded. Watch the video below. 

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