That's What I Say: Keith Richards' Biggest Hits

AUGUST 10: Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards as the Rolling Stones perform at Mile High Stadium August 10, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Joe Amon/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)
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(Joe Amon/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

He's the rock icon who's beaten all odds to still be alive and playing guitar in one of the biggest bands in the world for a staggering 50 years: ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Keith Richards. He's survived multiple drug busts, Altamont, Mick Jagger, time, and everything else put in front of him en route to his truly legendary status. 

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On his 40th birthday in 1983, Richards married model Patti Hansen, who is still his wife today. They have two daughters.

“Basically, yeah, nobody has taken it this far before, and there’s no guidelines,” Richards told the Washington Post earlier this year, during the US leg of the Stones' No Filter tour. “And basically, we count on our audience. They’re incredibly loyal and you feel you would let those people down if you said, ‘I’ll chuck it in.’ ”

The Rolling Stones have hit #1 on the Hot 100 an impressive eight times throughout the band's storied and enduring career. Here are Keith Richards' biggest hits in America.

1. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
It was the summer of 1965 the very first time the Stones topped the charts in America. July 9, to be exact. Featuring the guitar riff that launched a million bands, it's the band's signature song.

2. "Get Off of My Cloud"
It didn't take long for Keith and company to get back to #1 in America. This follow-up to "Satisfaction" would also go straight to the top of the US charts.

3. "Paint it Black"
It was June 10, 1966, when the Stones set the tone for summer with this menacing track from the Aftermath album.

4. "Ruby Tuesday" 
Featuring the late Brian Jones on recorder, it was March 1967 when this melancholy tune was the most popular song in America.

5. "Honky Tonk Women" 
Released on the 4th of July 1969, this down and dirty single slithered its way to #1 during the dog days of late August.

6. "Brown Sugar" 
The Stones were looking for a model to star in an advertisement for the single, "Honky Tonk Women." When they reached out to Hair actress Marsha Hunt, who said no. Mick Jagger reached out to her personally, and the two had a torrid affair, resulting in a daughter, Karis. That relationship inspired the singer to write "Brown Sugar," which topped the Hot 100 May 28, 1971.

7. "Angie" 
This plaintive acoustic ballad from Goat's Head Soup was the biggest song in America on October 19, 1973.

8. "Miss You"
The last time the Stones topped the charts Stateside was on August 4, 1978. That's when the band's foray into disco resulted in the classic sleaze-rock strut of "Miss You." The Some Girls single ruled the nation on August 5, 1978.

BONUS TRACK: "Little T&A," live in 1981
Since it's Keith's birthday in 2019, let's enjoy this flashback to December 18, 1981. Here's Richards leading the band through "Little T&A" after Mick Jagger gets the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to him. 

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