So...What is My Bloody Valentine Planning?

My Bloody Valentine's 'Loveless'
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By now, fans of My Bloody Valentine know: whenever there's some activity around the Irish shoegaze legends, it's all hands on deck. Indeed, that was the case today (March 29), when the band tweeted out what looks like some sort of teaser to an announcement.

The short video in the tweet features a snippet of "Only Tomorrow" from the band's long-in-the-works 2013 album m b v as well as iconography that recalls the covers and color palettes of their three studio albums - 1988's Isn't Anything, 1991's Loveless (notably celebrating its 30th anniversary this year) and m b v - as well as the 2012 collection EPs 1988-1991.

Fan speculation has run rampant since, with hopes of everything from a new album to physical reissues, or the full delivery of the band's back catalog to streaming services. Whatever's happening, it's clear from the video that fans will find out what the fuss is about on March 31.

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