Oh, So THAT's What My Bloody Valentine is Planning

My Bloody Valentine in the '90s
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My Bloody Valentine fans can now rest easy over this week's cryptic tweet. The legendary Irish alternative band is reintroducing the world to their complete catalog this year - and might even be adding to it.

All three of the band's studio albums - 1988's Isn't Anything, 1991's Loveless and 2013's m b v - are now available digitally, with new CD and vinyl pressings for sale, to be available May 21. They're joined by the 2012 collection EPs 1988-1991, available digitally everywhere outside of North America.

And that's not all the band are cooking up: the band's elusive co-founder Kevin Shields spoke to The New York Times about the band's plans, which include recording of two new albums they hope to release before the end of the year. "Our original plan was we would record both the albums back-to-back and then go tour on that," Shields said. "And that would have been this year, you know, but everything really did slow down."

Shields described one of the albums as "warm and melodic," while another is "more experimental." "I don't want to give too much away," he added, "because I could lay it out verbally, and then someone's going to go 'That's a really good idea.'"

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