No-Shave November, Rock Edition: The Grateful Dead

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It's November 22 - and that means, No-Shave November’s furry finale is closing in fast.

For those unfamiliar with this tradition, “Noshember” is a month-long campaign that encourages men and women to forgo their typical grooming tendencies and embrace their natural hair trajectories. Instead, participants can forward the budget usually allocated towards shaving products towards cancer prevention and ultimately, furthered cancer awareness. 

Countless stars of rock ‘n roll have historically embraced and expressed their individualistic personalities through a commitment to their facial forests. We believe in the power of promoting the hairy undertakings of our bearded rockers to honor those participating this month and stand strong with those fighting the battle. 

With Thanksgiving peeking around the corner, we’re feeling particularly thankful for those who have participated and persevered together in this journey, so we wanted to commemorate the occasion with this week’s Bearded Rockers: The Grateful Dead.

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Rumor has it Bob Weir has been spotted back in the ‘76/’77 days, sporting a short, thick tickler of a beard, but the ultimate recognition for this week’s initial Bearded Rocker goes to none other than the lead vocalist and guitarist Jerry Garcia. 

His former manager Sam Cutler described Garcia as the “Steve Jobs of Rock and Roll,” commending Garcia's “big picture” approach that enabled the band to fluidly adapt with the times and “remain light on its feet.” Not to mention, Cutler also curiously noted Jobs’ and Garcia’s similar endorsements of LSD based on their individual experiences with the drug.

Garcia also shared how the Grateful Dead band name was inspired by a drug-fueled mystic vision, "Back in the late days of the Acid Tests, we were looking for a name. We'd abandoned the Warlocks; it didn't work anymore. One day we were all over at Phil [Lesh]'s house smoking DMT. He had a big Oxford dictionary, I opened it, and there was 'Grateful Dead,' those words juxtaposed. It was one of those moments, you know, like everything else on the page went black, diffuse, just sorta oozed away, and there was Grateful Dead, big black letters edged all around in gold man, blasting out at me, such a stunning combination. So I said, "How about Grateful Dead?' and that was it."

So rock on and rock forth, dear Deadheads and hairy heads. We’re hoping your Thanksgiving meal includes some Cherry Garcia this year!

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