Jimmy Page Produced Girlfriend Scarlett Sabet's New Poetry Album

Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet attending the Kerrang! Awards at Islington Town Hall, London.
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Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page has produced a new album, but don't expect any searing guitar solos. The record, Catalyst, is a collection of poetry recited by artist (and girlfriend) Scarlett Sabet.

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"I knew Scarlett's poems were exceptionally vibrant in print and I had witnessed the power of her public readings,' Page shared in a press statement. "I thought it would be exciting to do a project together to emphasize the power of the spoken word in the context of poetry and present her work in a radical form"

"It feels exciting, but also like a natural progression, I think, because we live and work together every day," Sabet told Interview about the collaboration. "Literally every one of these poems, Jimmy was there when I wrote it, and he was the first person that heard it and he’s seen me perform so many times."

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