Gene Simmons of KISS Really Wants You to Be Safe and Wear a Mask

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Gene Simmons of KISS has been called many things over his illustrious career, from the Demon of rock and roll to, well, an Assh*le. Today, the God of Thunder is being lauded as a public health advocate for imploring friends, foes, and fans alike to protect themselves during the current pandemic.

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Simmons has taken to Twitter to encourage his almost 900,000 followers to follow safety guidelines by wearing face masks in public. The more the rocker shares tweets talking about the benefits of mask-wearing to slow the spread of COVID-19, the more people are barraging him with counter-arguments.

What kicked off the conversation was someone criticizing Simmons for hawking KISS face masks on the site. He pointed out that the masks are being sold for charity. As more people chimed in to claim that cloth masks don't work, Simmons responded in a surprisingly clam and factual matter.

The rock legend even offered up some personal information, sharing that he survived a bout of polio as a kid, which was its own global pandemic back in the early 1950s.

Simmons continued to fight in the name of health, asking people to look out for one another in the name of kindness. Imagine that.


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