Brian May of Queen: Eating Animals Caused Coronavirus

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 28: Brian May of Queen performs onstage during the 2019 Global Citizen Festival: Power The Movement in Central Park on September 28, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen)
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(Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen)

Queen guitarist Brian May recently became a vegan, and vows to become "preachy" about it in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“If you want to get deep into it, I think we should be looking again at whether we should be eating animals," May told NME. “That’s a central issue here, this pandemic seemed to come from people eating animals and it’s becoming more well known that eating animals is not the greatest thing for our health.”

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May, who went vegan at the start of 2020, says it's been a long time coming: “I took up the Vegan Challenge in January and I’ve been three months a vegan now. To me, it was an experiment, because for a long time I’d been an animal campaigner, but grappled with the fact that I was still eating them occasionally.

"But to go vegan was just a decision, and I haven’t been preachy about it, but now we’ve seen more of the effects of how eating animals has brought us to our knees as a species, I think it’s time to re-examine our world in a way that doesn’t abuse other species," he added. “Whether we will see that happen, I don’t know, but I think I will start to be a bit more preachy about veganism because to me it is the way forward, in so many ways.”


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