10 Artists Snubbed by Rock Hall 2020 Nominations

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Photo by Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune via Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 16 nominees for the 2020 May induction ceremony.

Artists become eligible for nomination 25 years after the commercial release of their first record, and amongst the freshly eligible class of '94, Notorious B.I.G. and Dave Matthew Bands were the first in their class to sail in during their first year of eligibility. Only five of the nominees will be voted in, but those who won't make the final cut won't be in bad company, either. 

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Here are 10 artists that have been snubbed by this year's Rock Hall nominations - five artists who have been newly snubbed by Rock Hall in their first year of eligibility and five who continually fail to receive a nomination.

Fresh Snubs

1. OutKast

The Andre 3000 and Big Boi duo have dominated the traction of mainstream since they first debuted with SouthernplayalisticdillacmuzikEven apart from their Top 40 lovin hits like "Hey Ya" and "Ms Jackson," Outkast is distinctively discernible for through their stream of consciousness style of flow in "The Rooster" and "Gangsta Shit" that seasoned their discography with imaginative vision. 

2. Nas

With his debut album Illmatic critically acknowledged as one of the best rap albums of all time, Nas was only 20 years old when he masterfully pioneered his own entity of culture and hip hop with tracks like "N.Y. State of Mind," and "It Ain't Hard To Tell," that impacted hip-hop culture since its release in 1994. 

3. Aaliyah

An extremely influential vocalist who shifted the frontier of R&B during her seven year career, Aaliyah paved the path for an entire generation of singers with her three full length albums, including her self-titled final release Aaliyah. She tragically died in a plane crash in 2001 at the young age of 22. 

4. Jeff Buckley

Few have had the lasting conviction and power of a single-handed debut that also become a final release as Buckley's GraceFrom flawless cover renditions, including Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," to Grace's title track, Buckley was a true diva - a glittering singer-songwriter with all the dynamic swells of alt-rock emotion.

5. Sleater-Kinney

The Pacific Northwest trio debuted in 1994 with "You Ain't It" and rewrote the rules of rock with elegance and fury. Fueling the fire of the riot grrrl movement, the punk band of women quickly trademarked their convulsing guitars and empowered vocal structures, savagely dominating in arenas where only dudes had tread. 

Overdue Snubs

1. Motley Crue

Eligible since 2006, it's unfathomable to think the band that invented glam metal, selling 100 million records worldwide since their 1983 breakthrough Shout At The Devilhave yet to received a nod, but here we are. Did we mention their 1989 album Dr. Feelgood went six times platinum?

2. Styx

Eligible since 1997, Styx achieved another level of superstardom with the 1978 release of Pieces of Eight that would solidify their status as one of the top selling arena rockers.  Formed in the 60's as an American response to British progressive rock, the band seasoned itself in psychedelic and progressive concepts, selling millions through top ten hits, including "The Best of Times," "Mr. Roboto," and "Lady" throughout the 80's. 

3. Iron Maiden

Eligible since 2004, the iconic and important Iron Maiden is highly deserving for re-popularizing metal with essential tracks, including "Flight of Icarus" and "2 Minutes to Midnight" While Bruce Dickinson has infamously shot down the prospect of accepting the honor, it doesn't change the fact that Iron Maiden has the most recognizable metal mascot of all time.

4. Scorpions

Eligible since 1997, the hard rock Germans first made an international name for themselves with the 1982 album Blackout with their  power hit "No One Like You" that blew up on radio. Their name alone gets one's adrenaline pumping, and with their punchy, crunchy riff ripping delivery in Lovedrive, the band began to define their own style and sound within the US. 

5. Warren Zevon 

Eligible since 1994, the "Werewolves of London" aren't the only ones howling foul. David Letterman voiced his own concerns for the beloved American singer-songwriter when inducting Pearl Jam in 2019, "One day I hope to come back here for the induction for my friend Warren Zevon." 



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