Watch Celebrities SIng John Lennon's "Imagine": Are You Mad?

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With the world on quarantine from COVID-19, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has posted a video on Instagram featuring celebrities singing John Lennon's song, "Imagine." Among the celebs included in the clip are Zoe Kravitz, Kristen Wiig, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Jimmy Fallon and WIll Ferrell, whose quarantine-hair is the star of the show.

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"We are in this together, we will get through it together. Let’s imagine together," Gadot captioned the video. "Sing with us All love to you, from me and my dear friends." Here's the original version.

Reaction to the clip has been fast and furious on social media, with just as many (if not more) detractors criticizing the video, as there are those who appreciate the sentiment. Watch it below and let us know what you think.

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