Paul McCartney: "I Want Justice For George Floyd's Family"

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Paul McCartney took to his Facebook today to urge his fans to speak up and demand both racial equality and police accountability. 

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The Beatles star listed out organizations, including Black Lives Matter, alongside a statement that addressed the current uprising in the streets protesting the death of George Floyd, saying "None of us have all the answers and there is no quick fix but we need change. We all need to work together to overcome racism in any form. We need to learn more, listen more, talk more, educate ourselves and, above all, take action."

He continued his stirring cry in support of Black Lives Matter protests as he reflected on a gig in 1964 that the Beatles turned down due to to the concert's racial discrimination. 

"The Beatles were due to play Jacksonville in the US and we found out that it was going to be a segregated audience," he said. "It felt wrong. We said, "We're not doing that! And the concert we did do was to our first non-segregated audience. We then made sure this was in our contract. To us it seemed like common sense."

McCartney said he felt "sick and angry" that racism remains a prevalent issue "almost 60 years later," describing the death of Floyd as "a senseless the hands of police racism, along with the countless others that came before."

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"All of us here support and stand alongside all those who are protesting and raising their voices at this time," the rock icon concluded. "I want justice for George Floyd’s family, I want justice for all those who have died and suffered. Saying nothing is not an option.”

The Beatle joins many other rock legends, including Peter Gabriel, David Crosby, Sammy Hagar and more, who have recently voiced their stance against police brutality. 

There are many ways people can support the movement against police violence and provide relief to the communities who have been impacted by police racism. Help the family of George Floyd HERE. Fight for Breonna Taylor HERE. Help the family of Ahmaud Arbery HERE.

Want to help protesters? Donate to one or more community bail funds HERE. Visit Movement For Black Lives for additional ways you can help the cause. Want to connect with leaders building grass roots campaigns? Click HERE. Are you an ally and want to learn more? Here are some anti-racism resources.


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