LISTEN: AC/DC Blasts Back to Life with New Song "Shot in the Dark"

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AC/DC is back. The hard rock legends have shared "Shot in the Dark," the first track from the band's forthcoming new album, POWER UP, which reunites the living members of the group's classic Back in Black lineup. Guitarist Malcolm Young died in 2017, and his nephew Stevie Young has been playing in his place since 2014.

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“It’s been a long, long road. But it’s good that everyone came on board and we get to pump out a bit of new rock & roll for the world," Angus Young told Rolling Stone. At this time, with the pandemic, hopefully it gives people a few hours of toe-tapping enjoyment. This record is pretty much a dedication to Malcolm, my brother. It’s a tribute for him like Back in Black was a tribute to Bon Scott.”

The band is confident that "Shot in the Dark" is a strong indication of what fans can expect when POWER UP arrives on November 13, 2020: “It’s got that great AC/DC vibe about it, great swagger, and a good AC/DC rock & roll chant,” Angus Young said. “The title is a little bit cheeky because we all like a little nip [of alcohol] in the night or a few shots in the dark. I was very glad when the record company heard it [that] they felt it was a very strong song and should be the first one that people hear.”

Listen to "Shot in the Dark" below.


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