Whitesnake's David Coverdale Shares Anti-COVID-19 Anthems

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David Coverdale is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic like the rest of us: sheltering in place at home, and riding the storm out the best that he can. Being an enormously talented singer and songwriter, he's using the time to come up with songs that express how he's feeling during this unique time in history.

First up was "Coronavirus Blues," a profane command for the virus to stay away from him and his loved ones. It's heavy with F-bombs, so proceed with caution. NSFW!

Yesterday, Coverdale followed up "Coronavirus Blues" with "Vacuum and Dust," a cheeky rewrite of Joan Baez song, "Diamonds and Rust." It was inspired by a conversation between Coverdale, Deep Purple guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore, and Blackmore's wife, Candice Night.

“We, just like you, are stuck inside, and we were talking to a good friend of Ritchie’s today, David Coverdale, who was saying that he’s really kind of rediscovered how to vacuum and dust," Night said in the video. "We thought, ‘That’s an interesting title!’ … We had a whole new inspiration thanks to David Coverdale.” Watch Blackmore and NIght's original take on the tune below.

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