WATCH: Sammy Hagar and the Circle Cover Little Richard's "Keep a-Knockin'"

Sammy Hagar & The Circle
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Sammy Hagar and his Circle bandmates Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson have joined forces virtually to perform Little Richard's signature "Keep a-Knockin,'" paying tribute to the late rock 'n' roll legend. 

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"I had the hardest time with this one because every time I came in singing, I started singing Led Zeppelin “Rock ‘n’ Roll”!" the former Van Halen frontman confessed.

He continued, "It took me three damn takes. My favorite drummer and my favorite singer of all time – love this one hope you do too. Long live the music of John Bonham and Little Richard!"

As Hagar notes, the drum intro in this 1957 song is strikingly similar to John Bonham's intro in Led Zeppelin's 1971 "Rock and Roll" tune.

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“Jason knows, everyone knows, that John Bonham stole that from Little Richard," Hagar shared to Rolling Stone. "“He’s playing on drums what Little Richard is singing. Our version is fun shit, man. We’re doing it in honor of Little Richard.”

With his son, Jason Bonham, filling the drummer seat in the Circle to record this Lockdown cover, it seems like this new performance is a rock tribute come full circle. 

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