WATCH: Members of The Knack Turn "My Sharona" into "Bye, Corona!"

The Knack
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It was inevitable. Original members of The Knack Berton Averre and Prescott Niles have come together to record "Bye, Corona," a parody of the band's 1979 blockbuster hit, "My Sharona."

"Berton and Prescott have a message for fans during another lousy day in paradise," the guys shared on late Knack frontman Doug Fieger's Youtube page (Fieger died of cancer in 2010). "In a desire to aid fellow musicians who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, The Knack, and its publishing administrators, Reach Music, have pledged to donate the first quarter 2020 digital streaming royalties for 'My Sharona' -- which have seen an uninvited uptick due to the crisis -- to Music Health Alliance, a Nashville-based organization that provides healthcare support services to uninsured members of the music industry."

That "uninvited uptick" being referenced is from the slew of parody songs flying around based on "My Sharona." Not one of them come close to this new charity version, which boasts Averre knocking out the song's searing original guitar solo. Watch it below.

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