WATCH: Baby "sings" AC/DC classic "Thunderstruck"

Baby Ryan
Photo Credit
Matt MacMillan / YouTube

We're not ashamed to admit we've been thunderstruck with this video of Baby Ryan "singing" AC/DC smash hit "Thunderstruck." 

The video is making its rounds on the web and the Internet can't seem to get enough of the "Thunderstruck, baby, baby", who isn't yet old enough to really sing and perform a standalone show.

Lucky for Ryan and the rest of the watching world, his accompanying parent Matt MacMillian had the ear and musical capacity to transform the kid's potential from coos, gurgles, and baby babbles into a masterpiece cover of AC/DC's smash hit from their 1990 album The Razor's Edge

Proud dad MacMillan described in his YouTube post, "I recorded my son making baby noises, figured out the notes he made, and arranged them into Thunderstruck by AC/DC."

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