Tony Iommi Shares Black Sabbath Secrets on Rhino Podcast

Tony Iommi in 1981
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He's been through heaven and hell as a co-founder of Black Sabbath - and now, Tony Iommi is talking about his experiences.

The legendary guitarist sat with the Rhino Podcast this week to share some stories about the band he helped start in Birmingham in 1968. Iommi was present for every line-up of the group until its retirement in 2017.

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While the "classic" line-up of Sabbath, featuring original vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, has recently been revisited in a super deluxe version of the group's Vol. 4, Iommi spends most of his time discussing another lauded era of Sabbath: the band's tenure with the late vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who sang on Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules in the early '80s. Not coincidentally, new deluxe editions of both albums will be available this week.

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A new album, a new vocalist.
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