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Sir Rod Stewart and his family in 2016
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On Oct. 11, 2016, another rocker joined the royal establishment when Rod Stewart received his knighthood from Prince William.

Accompanied to the ceremony by his wife, Penny Lancaster, and his two youngest children, Alastair and Aiden, Stewart – who received his knighthood in recognition of his services to music and charity – wore tartan trousers, as one does when they've shown such consistent pride in their Scottish heritage for as long as Stewart has.

In an interview with the BBC, Stewart said that, upon meeting the Duke of Cambridge for his knighting ceremony, "We talked about music and he said: 'It's great that you're still going', and I said: 'I have to – I've got eight children!' He congratulated me on my long career – and I said how happy this made me. I just wish my mum and dad had been here to see it."

Also worth noting: upon receiving word of his forthcoming knighthood, Stewart thanked Her Majesty for the honor and vowed to "wear it well."

He's a right cut-up, our Sir Rod...and he’s still cutting records, too: his latest full-length LP, The Tears of Hercules, arrives in November.

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