Stealing Hearts: Best of Ann Wilson's Performances

Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson.

Best known as the lead singer of the rock band Heart, Ann Wilson, is one of the premiere hard-rock vocalists of all time with her operatic abilities and larger than life stage presence. From the onset of her career in the '70s through the early 2000's, she has charted 29 Billboard Hot 100 Singles and has sold over 35 million records worldwide. In 2013, she was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with Heart.


Ann Wilson is a rock goddess legend.


Here are two of our favorite Ann Wilson & Heart performances from the '70s that showcase the greatness:


"Crazy On You": Co-written by Ann and her sister Nancy, this '70s smash hit, “Crazy On You” combined electric and acoustic guitars and was showcased on national television in 1977 for the first time - turning heads left and right. Characterized by its memorable fast-paced rock sounds, the duo’s performance would make Heart an extremely memorable band that quickly rose to fame throughout the late seventies and early eighties. 




"Barracuda": The 1977 song, “Barracuda'' is a revenge song; some would say it was written as a reaction to some received hate about Ann and Nancy's music. As a consequence, Ann’s performance is emotional, powerful and an eclectic outpouring of music and vocals that pours onstage, alongside her rock and roll band mates. 




Need more Ann Wilson? She's the guest on the latest podcast episode of Rock and Roll High School with Pete Ganbarg - listen in on her thoughts about the timeless music of Heart as well as her life and career.



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