Rolling Stone's Isolation Playlist: Joy Division, Warren Zevon and More

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In the lonely times of self-quarantine, Rolling Stone has shared their Isolation playlist to to remind us all that "When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around.” (If you didn't get that reference, your questions will be answered below.)

"Under normal circumstances, choosing to stay in can be a nice break from the chaos of the outside world," Rolling Stone described. "But these days, when social distancing is a worldwide mandate due to the coronavirus outbreak, it can be hard to keep your spirits up. Can music help us cope? We think so. Feelings of loneliness and alienation have made their way into countless songs. Here are some of our favorites that tackle the experience of solitude, and sometimes even find a silver lining." 

1. "Isolation" - Joy Division

2. "Alone" - Heart

3. "Splendid Isolation" - Warren Zevon

4. "Alone Again Or" - Love 

5. "Alone Again" - Gilbert O'Sullivan

6. "All by Myself" - Eric Carmen

7. "Quarantined" - Atlas Sound

8. "Living Without You" / "Without You" - Harry Nilsson

9. "Isolation" - John Lennon

10. "Honk if You're Lonely" - Silver Jews

11. "Alone Tonight" - Tristen

12. "Wisconsin" - Bon Iver

 13. "Chamber of Reflection" - Mac DeMarco

14. "When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around" - The Police

15. "In My Room" - The Langley Schools Music Project

16. "Soma" - Smashing Pumpkins

17. "Song for the Lonely" - Cher

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