Music is Love: The Rhino Podcast Revisits David Crosby's Solo Debut

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Five decades after its release, David Crosby's solo debut If I Could Only Remember My Name is, indeed, one we still remember pretty well. With a new deluxe edition of the star-studded album due out Nov. 12, the Rhino Podcast is looking back at this album with the help of a very special guest.

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On the latest episode, Rich Mahan is joined by Steve Silberman, author of diverse books like Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads and author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity. More importantly, though, he's an avowed Crosby fan who counts If I Could Only Remember My Name as one of his top five albums - and has cultivated intimate knowledge of the album not only through writing the deluxe set's new liner notes, but also through co-hosting Freak Flag Flying, a podcast series in conversation with Crosby himself.

Rich and Steve's chat goes deep into the roots of Crosby's first album away from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and The Byrds; the galaxy of talent that helped the album come together; and what fans can expect with the baker's dozen of demos, alternates and outtakes that appear on the 2CD set (12 of which are released for the first time).

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