Led Zeppelin Hot Wheels Car Collection Revealed

Led Zeppelin Hot Wheels Car Collection
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For the Led Zeppelin fan who has everything, the Hot Wheels Pop Culture Collection has something for you: the Led Zeppelin 2020 vehice set.

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The toy vehicles include “Haulin’ Gas” (Led Zeppelin), “Super Van” (Led Zeppelin II), “Combat Medic” (Led Zeppelin III), “’67 Austin Mini Van” (Led Zeppelin IV) and the “Hiway Hauler,” which represents the band’s 1975 North American tour with stars and stripes and every city hit on the tour among the details. See them below.

The cars are available at various retailers online, including this one that has the entire set for a reasonable $60.

LZ1 toy

LZ2 toy

LZ3 toy


LZ5 toy

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