John Densmore Opens Doors in New Book, Podcast Interview

John Densmore's 'The Seekers'
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John Densmore, best known as the drummer for The Doors, is unlocking the mysteries of the creative process in a new book.

The Seekers: Meetings with Remarkable Musicians and Other Artists investigates not only Densmore's own relationship to creativity, but also how that experience was fueled by bandmates, collaborators and colleagues. From Patti Smith and Janis Joplin to Lou Reed and Van Morrison - plus The Doors' own Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger - his extraordinary journey of artistry is explored in stunning depth.

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Densmore joined today's latest episode of the Rhino Podcast to share insight about the book as well as reflect on the 50th anniversary of Morrison Hotel, The Doors' fifth album and penultimate studio release of Morrison's lifetime.

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