Jim Morrison's Writings to Be Collected in June

'The Collected Works of Jim Morrison: Poetry, Journals, Transcripts and Lyrics'
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In 1969, Rolling Stone asked The Doors' Jim Morrison if he considered working more as an author. “That’s my greatest hope," he replied. "That’s always been my dream.” On June 8, HarperCollins will make that dream a reality with The Collected Works of Jim Morrison: Poetry, Journals, Transcripts and Lyrics, a 584-page omnibus pulling together a treasure trove of unseen material alongside his previously published works.

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Among the newly-published material will be excerpts from 28 handwritten notebooks, dozens of personal drawings and family photos, and the treatment for an original Morrison film, The Hitchhiker. (Morrison filmed and released 50 minutes of ideas from The Hitchhiker as HWY: An American Pastoral in 1970.) The volume will also include the poetry he spoke at a Los Angeles recording session for his 27th birthday in 1970 - and the audiobook will feature the premiere release of that session. (A separate session, recorded a year earlier, formed the basis for 1978's An American Prayer.)

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The Collected Works of Jim Morrison will also include the writings published in Wilderness (1988) and The American Night (1990). Author and Doors fan Tom Robbins has penned a foreword, and Anne Morrison Chewning (Jim's sister) writes the book's prologue. Rolling Stone additionally reports plans are in the works for a 50th anniversary celebration of L.A. Woman, the final Doors album of Morrison's lifetime.

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