Iron Maiden Unveil Funko Pop! Figures

Iron Maiden Funko Pop figures
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With holiday season in full swing, it really couldn't be a better time for Funko Pop! to team up with Iron Maiden. 

This particular Funko release won't feature the members of the band, rather it's Iron Maiden's immortal mascot, Eddie, that will live on in plastic legacy.

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Pop!'s Eddie will come in four different versions that reference the legendary band's first four LP releases - Iron Maiden Eddie, Killers Eddie, Number of the Beast Eddie, and Piece of Mind Eddie, designed to "add some heavy metal flavor to any collection," the Funko blog described.

You might recognize ultimate heavy metal mascot from Iron Maiden t-shirts, posters, and albums, including their 1980 self-titled debut album. Is he a skeleton? A zombie? Who cares - it's Eddie, after all, the ultimate heavy metal mascot.



“Showcase your Iron Maiden pride by bringing home the band’s immortal mascot today,” affirmed the Funko blog. Funko also described this release as "wave one" of the Eddie figures, hinting there will be future editions coming forth at a later date.

While the official release date has not yet been announced, these four Eddie figures are available for pre-order now.

Speaking of the band, Iron Maiden recently announced their 2020 tour schedule, with a setlist that will span across their entire career as they travel the world with stops in Australia, Europe, Japan and Russia. 

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