Iggy Pop on Smoking Spiderwebs to Get High: "It Was Harsh"

AUGUST 01: Photo of Iggy POP (Photo by Peter Noble/Redferns)
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Iggy pop made his name on being extreme. The man notorious for inventing punk rock with his seminal outfit The Stooges, Pop has never been one to mince words when looking back at the wild-child ways of his younger years.

During an interview with The Jonathan Ross Show, the punk icon revealed that his boundary-pushing ways extends to all areas of his life, including getting high. back when Pop was just beginning to peer into the dark side, he attempted to get high by smoking spiderwebs. Yes, spiderwebs. Why? Only the inner recesses of Pop's mind know for sure: "I tried to smoke them, but you know you’ve got to start somewhere," he told Ross with a wry smile. When asked to describe the rush that comes from toking on webs, all the singer had to say was: "They were harsh."

Iggy Pop went on to talk about how he's cheated death after all these years, while so many other hard-partying celebrities and rock stars have succumbed to their excessive ways.

"It’s brinkmanship," Pop explained. "My psychiatrist told me in the Seventies, ‘You have amazing brinksmanship. You go to a certain place and you know when to pull back.’ I always have [known when to pull back]. I’m a conservative guy in my daily life.”

Watch the interview below.


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