Beatles Chauffeur Sells Green John Lennon Glasses for $184,000

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A former Beatles chauffeur recently sold 'the most iconic sunglasses in rock 'n roll history.' 

A pair of Lennon's spectacles sold for about $183,000 (£137,500) in an an auction at Sotheby's London, created by his former chauffeur Alan Herring. 


“In 1966, John Lennon was given a pair of round glasses to prepare for his role in Richard Lester's film How I Won the War," the description listed. Lennon continued to don the non-prescription round rims and they swiftly became immortalized into his legendary image and Lennon legacy. 

Herring revealed that he had found the glasses while driving around The Beatles band member in the summer of 1968. "I had picked John up with Ringo and George in Ringo [Starr]'s Mercedes and driven the boys into the office. When John got out of the car, I noticed that he'd left these sunglasses on the back seat and one lens and one arm had become disconnected."

Sotheby’s described the rare Beatles memorabilia as “gold-tone, wire-framed sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith, round green-tinted lenses, with ‘Oliver Goldsmith’ engraved on each inner temple, nonprescription, lacking screw on one side resulting in loose temple, and lens - minor scratching to lenses." 

Herring also shared with BBC how his nostalgic sentiments contributed to his sale of the glasses, "For my family's sake, it makes sense for me to say goodbye to my collection now while I can still tell all the stories behind everything." 


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